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They swam superbly! Alternating different styles, they caused admiration of my wife.
And she knew swimming, she was engaged in it professionally before marriage.
While continuing to watch the fun and pleasant campaign of young people, I noticed how from time to time they talk about something in the water, throwing unequivocal views at Alenka and me.
After all, the guys ran to the shore.
And, before he even had time to dry, one of them, having spread a small rug, took on him the pose of “Lotus” (this is when a person stands on his head and crosses his arms on his chest).

In my opinion, this is from yoga.
Imagine? The guy stands on his head, and his penis, hanging along the abdomen, gets him almost to the navel.
Here are the sizes! Giant! Two other guys, suddenly, quite unexpectedly for my wife and I, came up to us and, asking me permission to treat my companion, offered her a big handful of grapes, a peach and a very juicy pear.
Two very nice guys with beautiful torsos and, slightly poured, but still hanging like sausages, young members came up to my wife and suddenly they were treated to fruit ?! Looking at me with her bewildered and embarrassed, but very proud eyes, she with words of gratitude accepted the gift of completely unfamiliar men, although we had plenty of our own fruit.
At that time, as I said, I was sunbathing while lying on my stomach.
Do I have to say that stories from various mass media immediately surfaced in my memory, in which the erotic adventures of spouses on vacation began exactly in this way and about which Alenka and I read a lot of literature before leaving? Live webcam victoria bc.