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Without hesitation, I sat down and abruptly stuck my hard member into my sister, shoved sharply at her, and this fool began to shout.
– Shut her mouth.
– the mother did so stuffing the pants into her sister’s mouth.
And I kept fucking my little sister, it seems she was already trying on her lot, because after a few minutes she calmed down and quietly moaned.
– Everything, I finish, take a bitch and save my seed.

– I growled and began to pour my sperm into my sister, strongly squeezing her fucking breasts.
– Well done, do not hold back, put it in her womb, let her have a baby from you.
– mother is still the same fucking woman behaved and jerked off her slit.
After a bit of rest, I continued to force my sister’s vagina.
I don’t remember everything that happened next, I was as if in a fog, it seems I continued without getting out of bed.
Opening my eyes, I also saw my sisters, only now she was without a gag in her mouth, now this bitch was pretty smiling.
I stuck my penis and saw that the sperm began to flow out of my sister abruptly turned her little body upside down.
– Fuck, you need to shut up with something.
– mother quickly rummaged in the closet and found a tampon and scotch, bytro approached and plugged her sister’s pussy with a scotch tape.

Mother brought sisters, she slowly got up.
– Walk like that day, let brother’s sperm fertilize you.
– said mother, sister only nodded.
For the rest of the week I fucked my sister, came back after school, and immediately shoved my sister with my machine, each time plugging her crack with a swab.
Now it was Mom’s turn, she did not resist like a sister, and even vice versa.
– Come on, let me down, I’m a fucking slut, ready to take your fucking child, I’ll give you a bunch of girls, holes that you can tear and fertilize too, so where’s your sperm! – screamed mother podmahivaya their hips.
– Here, hold my baby, bitch get pregnant from son, aa finish in you, I will always finish in your womb! – I yelled in response to mother fucking.
Many years passed and my mother gave birth to six children, thank God the girls turned out, my sister was younger and could give eight girls, now I inseminate all the females in my house and now there are sixty females in my harem, oh, if I could continue to inseminate them.
Their infantry lagged behind armored personnel carriers, and when a pair of M113s caught up with their already burnt counterpart, no one could prevent Maximov, who was hiding behind him, to shoot a pair of mine tapes across the field of attack.

The mines were light and could not destroy the enemy’s armored vehicles, but Seregin was happy to observe because of his heap of broken rubble, as the M113s lost tracks.
Their crews, without weapons, did not rush backwards, but forward – to surrender to our positions.
At the nearest destroyed house, they had already been met by a girl-regulator, also in NATO uniform, to the rear.
She was a dark, almost mulatto, white letters “MR” on the helmet made her look like a Snow Maiden.
“Although where does the mulatto here come from?” Thought Seryogin, admiring her challenging clean, coal black hair that covered the narrow hangers.
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